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Veteran City of Compton Councilwoman and 30-year public policy expert, Michelle Chambers launches her campaign backed by trusted and influential leaders spanning from local district to state level.


Former Compton City councilmember, Michelle Chambers, recently landed the endorsement of outgoing State Senator Steven Bradford in her campaign to succeed him in Senate District 35.


Former Compton City council- member, Michelle Chambers, known for her service as external affairs manager for State Attorney General Rob Bonta, today officially enters the race for California State Senate District 35, slated for the March 2024 election.


The 35th District is undoubtedly heavily populated with union households, and given the increased attention about the labor movement, union support for candidates seeking public office could carry even more electoral weight this election cycle than in years past.

One candidate in particular in the State Senate race has collected far more working families and labor union support than the rest of the field: Michelle Chambers.

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